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I have a Tumblr but it's mostly an RP thing, so....
I post art sometimes but usually I don't.





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Yep. Just call me Splatter, or Splatt, Splatts, Splattatat... You'll be fine.
1. Choose 4 of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag 4 other people

The chosen one(s) are:
1. Bow Tie
2. Spluh (ask trashy about this or just refferr to…; hint i'm the tall one)
3. Sunny
4. Cookie Dough

A. How old are you?
1. Um. Somewhere in my 100's. Lost track.
2. Pfff I'm like 16 man. Or, well I've been told I look older.
3. ??? 17? 15? 16?
4. I haven't the slightest clue.

B. What's your theme song?
2.… ????????????

C. What were you made for?
1. Well I was made to destroy those who fell for me. Well, it's the life of a demon, you see... I still don't do it.
2. I murder monsters what else could there be?
3. To make everyone smile!
4. The chefs were unclear....

D. Have any kids?
1. I could if I wanted.
2. That'd be silly in a time like this.
3. Mmm I want them!
4. No junk. Can't do it.

E. Favorite food or drink?
1. Coffee. When you drink it every day, you see..
2. I don't... Even... Plain bread?
3. Anything and everything can lift my spirits!
4. I-I couldn't eat anything! It'd get caught in my... fur.. something.

G. Killed anyone?
1. Um. I've been directed to, at least. But no, I haven't succeeded yet. Nor have I wanted to.
2. Like at least once a day.
3. No! Goodness never! I don't even wish to aid someone in such a thing!
4. Pfff...hahahaha.

H. Hate anyone?
1. I could. But no, of course not. Not even Bord.
2. Snrk.
3. No! Never!
4. I... Maybe.

I. Any secrets?
1. M, I hold my demonic traits away. I don't want my cover blown.
2. That'd be great. But I kinda talk too much.
3. Secrets don't lead to a happy life... But yes.
4. Mmmmaybe. They're secrets though!

J. Love anyone?
1. Mom... And maybe another person. Who knows.
2. Hahahah that'd be silly. Do friends count? I love my friends.
3. I'm unsure.
4. Gummi of course!

K. What is your job?
1. I work several jobs. I'm an accountant during the day and I sing at a bar beneath a cafe at night.
2. Dude I murder titans c'mon.
3. I work as a ticket agent.
4. I could work if I could wear clothes for longer than an hour. Auugubhgbhbh

L. Favorite season?
1. Summer. The heat makes me feel strong.
2. S-seasons... Um....?
3. All of them! Though I love Spring.
4. Anything but Summer. Yuck.

M. Who's your best friend?
1. I hate to say it but Gabe's probably the only person I hold reasonable conversations with. Perhaps his brother. They both tune me out after a while though.
2. Trashy of course! Sh-she's really the only person I talk to. Other than Nicole.
3. Oooohh... Nobody.
4. Gummi? Angel's nice too.

N. Hobbies?
1. Guitar. It's my passion actually...
2. Jeez. I've always wanted to sew...
3. Collecting things. Assisting people mostly.

O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
1. Sleep. I desperately need it.
2. Kill more titans?? Sew a thing? More shenanigans with Trashy probably.
3. Help more people! /shine shine/
4. Freeze myself. Like I do every day.

P. What is your eye color?
1. Yellow? I think? I never really look but people say yellow.
2. Greeeennnn??? I only ever see when I pass by a puddle or something.
3. ..... I dunno! I never really open them.
4. Brown. Ehg.

Q. Are you good? Or bad?
1. After looking at this chart, perhaps chaotic neutral? Chaotic Good? Something.
2. Good!!!! If I were anything else I'd side with the titans! A-and die!
3. Good! Only good! T-though I help the bad sometimes but then they smile and it's better.. r-right?
4. Something.

R. Any last words?
1. Tell my mother I'm sorry, please.
2. I want to say swiggity swag before death, and I don't even know what that means...
3. Smile, I'm going to a better place!
4. Recreate me. The bowl is right over there.

S. What is your greatest fear?
1. B-b-bugs... S-s-s-seriously...
2. To die. Especially die being eaten. Could you imagine friggen dying a slow painful death in a pool of THE BURNING BLOOD OF YOUR FORMER COMRADS?
3. I don't fear much I don't think. Perhaps water since I'd drown immediately.
4. Melting in the middle of nowhere...

T. Does your name have a special meaning?
1. I made it myself... Reminds me of home.
2. .... No.
3. My mom says that she named me Sunny because I always smiled... Apparently it was really creepy.
4. Pff. My name is what I am.

U. Any siblings?
1. One per person, so no.
2. A brother.
3. I come from a large family.
4. I could have a shitton if I wanted but no please no.

V. Where do you live?
1. A quiet little town- Nah I'm kidding it's a gotdang city.
2. Somewhere with a house behind one of the walls. I don't keep track of this.
3. ~~~~
4. Um... Good question.

W. Do you find yourself attractive?
1. I've been told I am. I need to look so when I sing to attract the.. Aherm. Guys.
2. No. Er--- I don't know. I don't think I am. I'm always covered in dirt and blood. And rashes.
3. Haha, I let others decide that!
4. Mmm... People like eating me so... No they just want me because I am a living substance of disgusting food.

X. Would you kill yourself to protect the one you love?
1. I seek to protect the one I.. Enjoy the company of to death. Yes.
2. Yes. Yes of course. If I loved?? Someone??? ahahha...a hahha... ...  cough
3. Um...? Sure?
4. Yes, I wouldn't hesitate.
  • Mood: Artistic

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Boop c:
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:bulletred: A gift for you my dear friend… :bulletred:
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you make me want to draw Splatt again! I miss it dearly!
Hello, beautiful!
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